Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Freezer patrol

Earlier this month, I cleaned out my freezer.

It was a place of relatively order, yet I worried that I was drifting into dangerous territory like my friend Nancy who once confessed to three overflowing freezers. I concluded that I probably have enough food in the house to last until we leave to head to Florida next week for the Flinn family Christmas festivities.

Thus, I've been on a challenge since on or about Dec. 1st that I'd like to share. I vowed to buy no no new food (except milk), and to make everything from our freezer or pantry. This would save us money, force some creativity and encourages me to use up our resources.

Early on, the task was easy. My penchant for purchasing whole chickens to break them down and freeze the parts individually yielded nearly a dozen chicken breasts, some thighs and legs, plus a couple of packages of thigh meat (already pre-cut for stir-fry or curry). Along with that cache came plenty of chicken stock, some frozen organic vegetables, some homemade sausage, a thick piece of darkened sirloin (use or freeze by 7/28/08), a single small ham hock and a wee bit of ground pork leftover from what I can't remember. There’s also a massive package of pure fat someone gave me after purchasing an entire cow. Yes, I've become the person destined for large parcels of fat. Surely, that’s the subject for another post.

I keep a small but stuffed pantry with everything from ramen noodles to nicoise olives to authentic Balti paste. After clearing out the fridge, it was a bit lean but heavy on random cheeses and condiments.

I've decided to dedicate the next few posts to the recipes that resulted. Stay tuned.

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Blogger Jeff said...

Weird. I've been doing the same the past few weeks, trying to clear out, use what we have and save a little dough.

December 18, 2008 at 5:35 AM  
Anonymous Dana McCauley said...

Something is in the air! I did a freezer clean out myself recently:

December 18, 2008 at 6:34 AM  

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